Breaking the Mishap Chain-By Peter W. Merlin, Gregg A. Bendrick, and Dwight A. Holland

Book Title: Breaking the Mishap Chain: Human Factors Lessons Learned from Aerospace Accidents and Incidents in Research, Flight Test, and Development.

Aurhor(s): By Peter W. Merlin, Gregg A. Bendrick, and Dwight A. Holland

Editor: NASA Administrator

Size : 21.6

Language: English


Book Descriptions:

This volume contains an assortment of contextual investigations of accidents including test airplane, aviation vehicles, and rocket in which human variables assumed a critical part. In all cases the specialists in question, the pioneers and administrators, and the administrators (i.e., pilots and space explorers) were remarkably qualified and apparently predominant entertainers. Such mishaps and occurrences infrequently came about because of a solitary reason however were the result of a chain of occasions wherein modifying at any rate one component may have forestalled fiasco. All things considered, this work is definitely not a compilation of fault. It is offered as a learning instrument with the goal that future associations, projects, and ventures may not be bound to rehash the slip-ups of the past. These exercises were learned at high material and individual expenses and ought not be lost to the pages of history.

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