Human resource management 16th Edition 2020 -Gary Dessler

Human resource management

Title: Human resource management 16th Edition 2020 -Gary Dessler

Author(s): Gary Dessler

Publisher: Pearson, Year: 2020

Category: BBA & MBA

ISBN: 9780135172780,0135172780,9781292309125,1292309121,9781292309231,1292309237

Book Description:

Human resource management

Present-day HR: innovation, online media, and the executives

Human resource management furnishes understudies with a prologue to the everyday apparatuses and aptitudes they’ll need to work as fruitful supervisors – in both HR and business all in all. With a reasonable methodology, the content investigates the development of the field, featuring the presentation of progressive new advances and web-based media stages. The sixteenth Edition centers around the positive effects innovation have had on the HR field. For instance, the capacity to vet expected representatives on the web has moved more HR duties to administrators, leaving HR divisions with more opportunities to do key, long-haul attempts for boosting worker execution and commitment. With a hefty spotlight on rising industry drifts, the content gets ready understudies with all they require to be fruitful directors and HR staff in the 21st century.

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