Adhunik Bangla Ovidhan

Adhunik Bangla Ovidhan

Book Title: Adhunik Bangla Ovidhan

Category: Bengali Book 

Publisher: Bangla Academy


Book Descriptions:

Adhunik Bangla Ovidhan. The Bangla Academy has been concentrating on composing dictionaries since its inception (1955) and Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah himself became a novice in this work. He edited the East Pakistani Regional Language Dictionary (later Bangladesh Regional Language Dictionary, 1975). In the second phase, another famous scholar, Dr. Muhammad Enamul Haque, started compiling the Bangla Academy Practical Bengali Dictionary (1974). This dictionary was published under the editorship of Professor Shivprasanna Lahiri (1974)

In the wake of this well-planned initiative of compiling a dictionary, the Bangla Academy soon completed the task of compiling and publishing a set of dictionaries. These include Bangla Academy English-Bangla Dictionary (1993), Bangla Academy Bengali-English Dictionary (1994), Bangla Academy Bangla Spelling Dictionary (1994), Bangla Academy Bangla Pronunciation Dictionary (1990), Yathashabda (1974), and Bangla Academy Children’s Dictionary. (1983) etc. 6

Towards the end of the first decade of the present century, the Bangla Academy lexicographers devoted themselves to a larger and more laborious work. In 2011, with the help of eminent Bangladeshi linguist Professor Rafiqul Islam and eminent scholar Professor Pabitra Sarkar of West Bengal, the Bangla Academy in Dhaka was able to publish a Rabindranath-planned (1901) Bengali language grammar. Immediately after this publication, the Bangla Academy has published the Bangla Academy Evolutionary Bengali Dictionary (2014) in three volumes with a view to the continuous evolution of the language.

The dictionary was edited by Professor Golam Murshid and the associate editor was Professor Swarochish Sarkar. It is to be noted that some academic officials also took part in the preparation of Bangla Academy Standard Language Bangla Grammar (in two volumes) and Bangla Academy Evolutionary Bangla Dictionary.

A unique example of our dictionary search is Bangla Academy Modern Bengali Dictionary The purpose of compiling this dictionary is to include many new and indebted words currently used in Bengali There is no denying the importance of the words that are being added to our everyday language, especially after the information technology revolution. The current dictionary has been prepared to keep this in mind.

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