Agnibina by Kazi Nazrul Islam


Book Title: Agnibina  by Kazi Nazrul Islam

Author: Kazi Nazrul Islam

Language: Bagnoli

Category: POEM



Agnibina is the first book of poetry by Kazi Nazrul Islam, one of the most popular Bengali poets of the first half of the twentieth century. It was published in the month of Kartik 1329 BS (October 1922 AD).  There are a total of twelve poems in this book. [2] The poems are: ‘,’ Dhumketu ‘, Kamal Pasha’, ‘Anwar’ Ranaveri ‘,’ Shat-il-Arab ‘,’ Kheyaparer Tarani ‘,’ Korbani ‘, and’ Moharram ‘. [3] There are also poems. The cover of ‘Agni-Veena’ was planned by Abanindranath Tagore and painted by young painter Bireshwar Sen. The then price of the book was 3 rupees. The book was printed and published by the author from 6 Pratap Chatterjee Lane. The text was as follows: ‘Arya Publishing House, College Street, Market (second floor)’. The book was printed from Metcalf Press, 69 Balram De Street, Calcutta. The price is one rupee. The dedication of the book is: Below is written “Your fire-worshiper – O glorious disciple – Kazi Nazrul Islam”. Arvind Ghosh’s brother Barindra Kumar Ghosh was one of the heroes of the revolutionary movement in Bengal and India. Nazrul, a believer in revolution, therefore dedicated himself to his first book of poetry, referring to himself as Barindra Kumar’s “O-glorious disciple”.

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