Business Math for Dummies

Business Math for Dummies

Book Title: Business Math for Dummies

Author(s): Mary Jane Sterling

Series: For dummies

Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2008

ISBN: 0470233311,978-0-470-23331-3


Book Descriptions:

”Presently, it is simpler than at any other time to comprehend complex numerical ideas and recipes and how they identify with true business circumstances. All you need to do it apply the convenient data you will discover in Business Math For Dummies. Highlighting down to earth practice issues to assist you with extending your abilities, this book covers points like utilizing percent to figure increments and diminishes, applying fundamental variable based math to tackle extents, and working with essential insights to dissect crude information. Discover answers for account and finance applications, including perusing fiscal reports, figuring wages and commissions, and vital compensation arranging. Explore portions, decimals, and percent in business and land exchanges, and take extravagant number related abilities to work. You’ll have the option to understand charts and tables and apply measurements and information examination. You’ll find ways you can utilize math in money and finance ventures, banking and finance, labor and products, and business offices and tasks. You’ll figure out how to compute limits and markup, use advances and credit, and comprehend the intricate details of math for business offices and tasks.” – Publisher

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