Maktubat Sharif – Muzaddide Alfesani(RH)

Maktubat Sharif

Book Title: Maktubat Sharif
Author: Muzaddide Alfesani(RH),

Category: Islamic Book

Publisher: Rashid Book House
Total Page: 136

Translator: Shah Mohammad Muti Ahmad Aftabi, Shah Fakir

Book Cover:

Maktubat Sharif

Size: 16 MB


Book Descriptions:


Maktubat Sharif, also known as the Letters of Muzaddid Al-Fasani (may Allah have mercy on him), is a collection of letters written by the renowned Sufi saint and scholar Hazrat Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi, also known as Mujaddid Al-Fasani. Hazrat Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi lived in the late 16th and early 17th centuries in the Indian subcontinent and was a significant figure in the revival of Islam during that time.

The letters contained in Maktubat Sharif provide a comprehensive overview of Hazrat Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi’s thoughts and teachings on various subjects, including spirituality, tasawwuf (Sufism), ethics, and Islamic theology. They offer a deep insight into his approach to religion, his views on the proper interpretation of the Qur’an, and his teachings on how to live a virtuous life in accordance with Islamic principles.

Maktubat Sharif is considered a valuable source of inspiration and guidance for Muslims seeking to deepen their understanding of their faith and practice it in their daily lives. The letters are written in a simple, straightforward style that is accessible to a wide audience, making them a valuable resource for both scholars and laypeople alike.

In conclusion, Maktubat Sharif is an important and highly regarded text in the Islamic tradition and continues to be widely read and studied by Muslims all over the world.

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