Marketing Management Philip Kotler(Millennium Edition)

Marketing Management Philip Kotler

Book Title: Marketing Management Philip Kotler(Millennium Edition)

Author of this Book: Philip Kotler

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Publishing Year: 1999

Category: BBA & MBA

ISBN: 9780130122179,0130122173

Book Description:

Marketing Management Philip Kotler: “Marketing Management-Philip Kotler (Millennium Edition)” is a comprehensive guide to modern marketing strategies and tactics. Written by world-renowned marketing expert Philip Kotler, this book provides readers with a thorough understanding of the latest marketing trends and tools. The Millennium Edition includes updates on digital marketing, customer relationship management, and global marketing, making it an essential resource for anyone in the field. With clear explanations and real-world examples, “Marketing Management” is a must-read for marketers, business owners, and students looking to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

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