Men in Love

Men in Love

Book Title: Men in Love

Author(s): Nancy Friday

Category: Sexual (18+)

Publisher: Dell, Year: 1982

ISBN: 0440159032,9780440159032

Book Description:
An extraordinary, explicitly masculine journey, Men in Love develops a startlingly honest portrayal of what it means to be a man in contemporary America. Here are the unexpurgated dreams, fantasies, and fetishes that excite and obsess men today. In creating this historic study, Nancy Friday listened – without disapproval, apology, or censorship – to the candid responses of thousands of men aged fourteen through sixty. She gave them a legitimate arena where they could share their “secret gardens” – the hidden and forbidden but nonetheless real and true. Much more than a litany of erotica, this unique volume doesn’t tell us how men should love. It tells us how men do love – a stunning insight into the desires that dwell within men’s psyches…and their hearts.

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