Mobile Ad Hoc Networking

Mobile Ad Hoc Networking

Book Title: Mobile Ad Hoc Networking

Author(s): Stefano Basagni, Marco Conti, Silvia Giordano, Ivan Stojmenovic

Publisher: John Wiley, Year: 2004

Category: ICT & Computer

ISBN: 0471373133,9780471373131

Mobile Ad Hoc Networking


Mobile Ad Hoc Networking. This book is unique in first addressing ad hoc networking in a comprehensive manner, covering all of its aspects and providing up-to-date information. The material included in the book will be carefully screened for quality and relevance. Each chapter will be prepared and reviewed by experts on the topic.

All of the editors are deeply involved in this field and they are uniquely positioned to secure the best contributors and the necessary reviewers (from both industry and academia) for their chapters. This book is extremely timely as it catches this wave at a time when ad hoc architectures are becoming a reality which will greatly benefit the marketing and sales of the book “Ah hoc Networking is intended for researchers and graduate students in computer science and electrical engineering, and researchers and developers in the telecommunications industry.

It is written to appeal equally to people who are interested in specific aspects of ad hoc networking that are complementary to their research, as it is to people that want a general overview of this cutting-edge field. Book News Annotation: To create a guide to the rapidly evolving technology of mobile ad hoc networking, the editors asked experts to address various aspects of research and development in that field.

The topics include off-the-shelf enablers, IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth technology, routing approaches, and security in ad hoc networking. Reflecting the layered model used in mobile ad hoc networking, the chapter subjects are cross-layered, addressing functions that are implemented by combining mechanisms belonging to different layers. Annotation c2004 Book News, Inc.,

Portland, OR ( From physical issues up to applications aspects, “Mobile Ad Hoc Networking” comprehensively covers all areas of the technology, including protocols and models, with an emphasis on the most current research and development in the rapidly growing area of ad hoc networks. All material has been carefully screened for quality and relevance and reviewed by the most renowned and involved experts in the field.

Explores the most recent research and development in the rapidly growing area of ad hoc networks. Includes coverage of ad hoc networking trends, possible architectures, and the advantages/limits for future commercial, social, and educational applications. Ad hoc networks have been an intense area of research and development but many products that fully utilize this technology are only now being widely deployed throughout the world.

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