Sociological Reflections on the Covid-19 Pandemic in India

Book Title: Sociological Reflections on the Covid-19 Pandemic in India

Author(s): Gopi Devdutt Tripathy (editor), Anurita Jalan (editor), Mala Kapur Shankardass (editor)

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2021

Category: Fiction

ISBN: 9811623198,9789811623196


Sociological Reflections on the Covid-19 Pandemic in India. This book presents a sociological study of the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of India. It invites readers to understand disasters and crises as triggers of radical transformations in society, changing the very nature of every day and the meaning of normal. It discusses the processes through which society accepts, internalizes, and reinvents a new way of life. It provides insights into its impact on the individual, family, economy, and the state and the relationships not only between them but also within them. The chapters draw attention to the concerns of the vulnerable sections of the population – the aged, children, women, the disabled, migrant labor, and the economically backward classes. The chapters are written in an engaging style, and each chapter investigates the way societies think about the risk, threat, and harm and the ways to navigate crises of all kinds. As such, the book provides a key read for academics, students, and administrators, as well as general readers confronted by an existential crisis caused by the pandemic.

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