Strategies of banks and other financial institutions

Book Title: Strategies of banks and other financial institutions

Author(s): Rajesh Kumar

Category: BBA & MBA

Publisher: Academic Press, , Elsevier Inc, Year: 2014

ISBN: 978-0-12-416997-5,1306977231,9781306977234,9780124171671,0124171672,012416997X



How and why do strategic perspectives of financial institutions differ by class and region? Strategies of Banks and Other Financial Institutions: Theories and Cases is an introduction to global financial institutions that presents both theoretical and actual aspects of markets and institutions. The book encompasses depository and non-depository Institutions; money markets, bond markets, and mortgage markets; stock markets, derivative markets, and foreign exchange markets; mutual funds, insurance, and pension funds; and private equity and hedge funds. It also addresses Islamic financing and consolidation in financial institutions and markets. Featuring up-to-date case studies in its second half, Strategies of Banks and Other Financial Institutions proposes a useful theoretical framework and strategic perspectives about risk, regulation, markets, and challenges driving the financial sectors.


  • Describes theories and practices that define classes of institutions and differentiate one financial institution from another
  • Presents short, focused treatments of risk and growth strategies by balancing theories and cases
  • Places Islamic banking and finance into a comprehensive, universal perspective

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