The housemaid book

The housemaid book

Book Title: The housemaid book

Author(s): Freida McFadden

Publisher: Bookouture, Year: 2022

Book Category: Psychological thriller

ISBN: 9781803144375

The housemaid Book Descriptions:

Freida McFadden wrote the mystery book The Housemaid Book (2022). The plot centers on Millie Calloway, a young criminal with a criminal record who works as a housekeeper for wealthy Nina Winchester, who appears to have a mental illness. McFadden is the author of several psychological thriller books that have achieved great success. McFadden examines issues of authority, vulnerability, and abuse in The Housemaid.

The housemaid book

The housemaid book Warnings:

The housemaid book describes violence, domestic abuse, and attempted death by suicide.

The housemaid book Summary

A body is discovered in the house where the unidentified maid works in the prologue, and she is concerned that she will be jailed. The incident’s background is revealed as Wilhelmina “Millie” Calloway attends an interview to work as a live-in maid for wealthy, middle-aged Nina Winchester. She accepts the position and relocates to the house despite her criminal history. She is given a small attic room with a window that doesn’t open and a door that only locks from the outside. Uneasy, Millie asks Nina for a key, which she receives along with a new phone.

Enzo, the landscaper, alerts her to danger but gives no further details. She meets Nina’s attractive husband Andrew and Cecelia, Nina’s nine-year-old daughter. Before preparing dinner, Millie spends hours cleaning the messy house. Nina becomes upset as Andrew compliments her meal and extends an invitation to join them. But, Nina declines. When Millie gets up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, the doorknob sticks, which causes her to panic. She manages to get the door open, but she feels uneasy.

Unpredictable and tense, Nina alternates between being kind and friendly toward Millie, giving the old clothes that don’t fit her any longer, insisting that Millie call her “Nina,” and accusing Millie of actions she hasn’t taken, making significant messes in the house, and yelling at Millie to clean them up.

The only member of the family who can be tolerated is Andrew because he is kind and supports whatever Millie does; Cecelia is a spoilt brat. Millie learns rumors about Nina’s mental state from other mothers and nannies and finds several medications, including a “antipsychotic,” in Nina’s medicine cabinet. She also finds out that Nina attempted to kill Cecelia when she was a newborn, leading to her stay at a mental health facility.

Separately, Nina and Andrew reveal to Millie that they are attempting to get pregnant. Since that Cecelia is not his biological daughter, Andrew feels especially happy to be a father. The couple is devastated when a reproductive expert determines that Nina cannot have any more children. Millie overhears Nina berating Andrew the following night about how a younger lady might make him happier.

Andrew asks Millie to order tickets to a Broadway musical for Nina to cheer her up, but Nina gives her the wrong dates and is unable to go. After calming Nina down, Andrew offers Millie the tickets; as Millie is traveling alone, Andrew goes with her.

They had a terrific time and overindulge during dinner, so they spend the night in a hotel in the city. They consent to their attraction for one another and have sex, but they make a pact that it won’t happen again. Millie quickly learns that Nina is aware of her and Andrew, though.

Millie’s life is a living misery because of Nina, who even accuses her of stealing the clothes she was given by her. Andrew orders Nina to leave after defending Millie and admitting his affection for her.

Andrew and Millie spend the night together after Nina leaves, and he says he wants to give them a serious opportunity. In the morning, Andrew fires Enzo for spending too much time in the house, according to Andrew. When Millie meets a friend of Nina’s while grocery shopping, the friend admits that Nina set up a tracking program on Millie’s phone.

She goes back home stunned and spends the day reading. She believes the caller to be Nina when she receives a call from a blocked number telling her to avoid Andrew. Andrew returns home as Millie prepares to move into the main house. Nina and Andrew slept in the same room, while Millie keeps the specifics of their day private.

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