Ambient findability by Morville, Peter

Ambient Findability

Book Title: Ambient findability

Author(s): Morville, Peter

Publisher: O’Reilly, Year: 2005

ISBN: 9780596007652,0596007655

Language: English

Size: 42.4 MB


Ambient FindabilityThis eye-opening new book examines the convergence of information and connectivity. Written by Peter Morville, author of the groundbreaking Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, the book defines our current age as a state of unlimited findability. In other words, anyone can find anything at any time. Complete navigability.

Morville discusses the Internet, GIS, and other network technologies that are coming together to make unlimited findability possible. He explores how the melding of these innovations impacts society since Web access is now a standard requirement for successful people and businesses.

But before he does that, Morville looks back at the history of wayfinding and human evolution, suggesting that our fear of being lost has driven us to create maps, charts, and now, the mobile Internet. The book’s central thesis is that information literacy, information architecture, and usability are all critical components of this new world order.

Hand in hand with that is the contention that only by planning and designing the best possible software, devices, and Internet, will we be able to maintain this connectivity in the future. Morville’s book is highlighted with full-color illustrations and rich examples that bring his prose to life.

“Whether it’s a fact or a figure, a person or a place, Peter Morville knows how to make it findable. Morville explores the possibilities of a world where everything can always be found–and the challenges in getting there–in this wide-ranging, thought-provoking book.”
–Jesse James Garrett, Author, The Elements of User Experience

“It is easy to assume that current searching of the World Wide Web is the last word in finding and using information. Peter Morville shows us that search engines are just the beginning. Skillfully weaving together information science research with his own extensive experience, he develops for the reader a feeling for the near future when information is truly findable all around us. There are immense implications, and Morville’s lively and humorous writing brings them home.”
–Marcia J. Bates, Ph.D., the University of California Los Angeles

Ambient findability

“I’ve always known that Peter Morville was smart. After reading Ambient Findability, I now know he’s (as we say in Boston) wicked smart. This is a timely book that will have lasting effects on how we create our future.
–Jared Spool, Founding Principal, User Interface Engineering

Ambient findability

“In Ambient Findability, Peter Morville has put his mind and keyboard on the pulse of the electronic noosphere. With tangible examples and lively writing, he lays out the challenges and wonders of finding our way in cyberspace and explains the mutually dependent evolution of our changing world and selves. This is a must-read for everyone and a practical guide for designers.”
–Gary Marchionini, Ph.D., University of North Carolina

Ambient findability

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