The Multi Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia official

The Multi Orgasmic Man

Book Title: The Multi Orgasmic Man

Author(s): Mantak Chia

Published: February 23rd, 2010

Series: Summary

ISBN: 006-054132-6

Page:  236 pages

File Size: 572 KB


Book Descriptions:

The Multi Orgasmic Man

The Multi Orgasmic Man: An exemplary work on human sexuality. The Multi-Orgasmic Couple alongside The Multi-Orgasmic Man and The Multi-Orgasmic Woman, different volumes in the earth-shattering set of three—is the primary mainstream. An open book intended to assist sexual accomplices with accomplishing levels of sexy joy and closeness.

Co-composed by Mantak Chia, the chief master in the field of Taoist sexuality. And Rachel Carlton Abrams, M.D. a family practice doctor having some expertise in all-encompassing well-being and sexuality. The Multi Orgasmic Man

The Multi-Orgasmic Couple joins antiquated Eastern intelligence with Western information to give the sexual insider facts that a few have to know. At last, simple physical and psychological techniques allow men to fulfill their dreams and women’s fantasies. Learn to Separate Orgasm and Ejaculation! Enjoy Increased Vitality and Longevity! Become Multi-Orgasmic Now!

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