Galivorer Sofor Nama by Abul Mansur Ahmad

  • Book name: Galivorer Sofor Nama pdf
  • Writer: Abul Mansur Ahmed
  • Category: Novel
  • Publisher: Ahmed Publishing House
  • Published: 1945
  • Pages: 168
  • Size: 23 Mb

PDF Bangla book Galivorer Sofor Nama by Abul Mansur Ahmad. Free download & read Galivorer Sofor Nama PDF Bangla book. Abul Mansur Ahmad is famous among book admirer of Bangladesh. Galivorer Sofor Nama is a decent evaluating book of Abul Mansur Ahmad. In 1945 this books was first distributed by Ahmed Publishing House. After 1945 Galivorer Sofor Nama book distributed commonly. Because of Ahmed Publishing House for distributing first time. This eBook contains 168 pages, and PDF size is 23 Mb.

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