The President’s Daughter: A Novel of life-changing 1

The President's Daughter

Book Title: The President’s Daughter

Author(s): Barbara Chase-Riboud

Publisher: Chicago Review Press, Year: 2009

Category: Nobel

ISBN: 1556529449,9781556529443

The President’s Daughter is the provocative continuation of the irrefutable historical chronicle of Sally Hemings. Epic in proportion, yet rendered in exquisite detail, it begins in 1822 and tells the story of Harriet Hemings, Thomas Jefferson, and Sally Heming’s beautiful and headstrong slave daughter. Harriet is allowed to run away from Monticello and pass for white, as Jefferson had promised Sally their children would be able to do. She experiences the turbulent events leading up to the American Civil War and is eventually thrust into the very heart of the Battle of Gettysburg. In The President’s Daughter, Barbara Chase-Riboud has written another classic of love and color in America.

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