While Justice Sleeps: A Novel

While Justice Sleeps: A Novel

Book Title: While Justice Sleeps: A Novel

Author(s): Stacey Abrams

Publisher: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, Year: 2021

Category: Horror

ISBN: 9780385546584,2020046350,9780385546577

While Justice Sleeps: A Novel


While Justice Sleeps is a political thriller novel written by Stacey Abrams, a former Georgia gubernatorial candidate, and voting rights activist. The novel follows the story of Avery Keene, a law clerk for a Supreme Court justice who becomes involved in a high-stakes political conspiracy when her boss falls into a coma.

As Avery tries to unravel the mystery behind her boss’s illness and the secret cases he was working on, she finds herself in danger and racing against time to prevent a constitutional crisis. Along the way, she discovers that her boss’s illness may be connected to a controversial biotech company and a powerful family with a dark history.

The novel tackles themes of power, corruption, and the importance of the rule of law in a democratic society. It has received positive reviews for its gripping plot, complex characters, and its relevance to current political issues.

Abrams continues in Dan Earthy colored’s impression with this breathtakingly plotted thrill ride that unfurls like a definitive chess match—striking move to bolder move with lives yet to be determined.”— Lisa Gardner, creator of Before She Vanished

“A top-of-the-line legitimate spine chiller, well contrasted with a large number of the best, beginning with The Pelican Brief, which it infers. It’s a high speed and brimming with shocks—a staggering read.”— Scott Turow, writer of Assumed Guiltless

Avery Keene, a splendid youthful law representative for the incredible Equity Howard Wynn, is putting forth a valiant effort to hold her coexistence—dominating in a challenging position with the court while additionally managing a disturbed family. At the point when the stunning news breaks that Equity Wynn—the peevish swing vote on numerous current high-profile cases—has slipped into a state of insensibility, Avery’s life flips around.

She is quickly advised that Equity Wynn has passed on directions for her to fill in as his lawful gatekeeper and force of lawyer. Dove into a touchy job she never expected, Avery finds that Equity Wynn had been covertly investigating perhaps the most disputable cases under the steady gaze of the court—a proposed consolidation between an American biotech organization and an Indian hereditary qualities firm, which vows to release stunning outcomes in the clinical field. She additionally finds that Wynn presumed a perilously related trick that penetrates the most powerful halls of Washington.

As political fighting results in Washington possibly supplanting the debilitated adjudicator whose life and endurance Avery controls, she starts to disentangle a painstakingly built, chesslike grouping of hints abandoned by Wynn. She comes to see that Wynn had a significantly closer-to-home stake in the questionable case and understands his intricate riddle will lead her straightforwardly into danger to discover the reality.

While Equity Rests is a cleverly created, modern novel, layered with heap turns and a dynamic cast of characters. Drawing on her insightful inside information on the court and political scene, Stacey Abrams demonstrates the fact that she is not just power for great in legislative issues and elector reasonableness yet, in addition, a significant new ability in anticipation fiction.

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